You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs and these particular examples are truly cracked.
Wait, that came out wrong.
Let's just say we have some true heroes working here.

Photos by the equally heroic Hans Jong.

Anne "SHNAAACKS" Thiecke

Project Hero [AT]
Travels Europe & eats pizzas. Hails from Luxembourg, lives in Portugal, visits cons around the world, hunts for snacks, and is a genuine peanut butter connoisseur.

Chinelle "Chinolle" van Kerkhof

Freelance West Coast Hero [CK]
Eats hamburgers. Works from the West Coast in the US of A and is our secret project management weapon against pesky timezones.

Dennis "Den DenDen" Krijnen

Freelance Audio Hero [DK]
Our biggest audio-pal. Wakes up early, edits audio early. Attends church without actually attending church. Crazy, we know.

Hans "Hanzel" Jong

Freelance Audio Hero [HJ]
(Well, he says more stuff, but it's usually about his kids, peanut butter, or a casual yet demanding request for more coffee.)

Iris "Kuppie" Kuppen

Linguistic Project Hero [IK]
Has a thing for cookies and pocket monsters. Yes, those pocket monsters. Mother of cats; breaker of CATs. Manages interns in her spare time.

Jelle "The Legend" Kihaishii-de Vaal

All-round Localization Hero [JV]
Virtual orc slayer and master sword wielder. Relisher of rooibos and apple rondos. Makes helpdesk employees cry and collects Amiibo. Also available in Danish.

Jason "Press X To" Armstrong

Freelance Audio Hero [JA]
Jason? Jason! Jaaason! Jason. Jason! JASON! Jason? Jason. Ja~son! JASON?! Jason. Jason. Jason?

Jim "Gado Gado" Horvath

Audio Hero [JH]
A masked audio vigilante by night and fearsome martial artist by day. Doesn't yet see the dangers of grilled sausage. Carries a tattoo of a deceptive blue boombox.

Krista "Mag ik even plagen?" van Essen

Freelance Cleansing Hero [KE]
Cleans up our boo-boos and dispenses life's wisdom, so we can start the week fully powered. Can be found on sunny beaches when not in the office.

Larissa "LaRayRay" van Dijk

Artistic Direction & Audio Hero [LD]
The breakdancing alter-ego of a dice-rolling rogue. Runs on burgers, green curry, and After Eights. Sets mouse sensitivity to extreme.

Liseth "Lizzrd" Meijer

Freelance Project Hero [LM]
Master of our über-düber super-secret second hub in Utrecht. Appreciates deadlines and antique CAT tools.

Laura "Blaura" Pronk

Freelance Project Hero [LP]
Flings around Korean like it's nobody's business and thinks cauliflower is "cool". Loves high contrast, eye-watering wallpapers.

Maikel "Smikkel" Roelofs

Project Hero [MR]
Pronounced Michael. You just have to write it all weird and wrong. Always wears two differently patterned socks, yip yip!

Manuel "Manu" Deroulers

Freelance Project Hero [MD]
The French Connection. Operates from Lyon, France and has no connection to Belgium whatsoever despite any rumours that might say otherwise.

Mark "カップサロン" Timmins

Freelance Project Hero [MT]
British kapsalon-devourer. In a kanji-learning competition with Vincent. Prefers Resident Evil 1 (the remake) over 4, thank-you-very-much.

Marloes "€€€" Verkerk

Freelance Finance Hero [MV]
Collects money, spends money. Is basically made of money as far as all the other freelancers are concerned. Treats all invoices as tiny children.

Richard "RichART" Lammerts van Bueren-van der Giessen

CEO Hero [RG]
That's his full name yes. All of it. Bask in its glory. Enjoys basketball, poker, and good music. But please, first ask him about what actually counts as good music.

Sebastiaan "Schweb" de Witte

Lead Audio Hero [SW]
Likes his coffee as he likes his souls: dark. Secretly has a tracklist of over 50 70 99 songs for whenever the Local Heroes band finally decides to record.

Vincent "Swux" Leeuw

IT & Project Hero [VL]
Dairy propagandist even though yoghurt is his kryptonite. Acts as a part-time Dungeon Master and wall-climber. Tea snob.

Zino "Pino" van Hamersveld

Freelance Audio Hero [ZH]
Big and blue (yellow in the USA). Won an Emmy. Never shuts up about it. Oh, wait no, that's us. We never shut up about it. Sorry.