We localize computer and video games,
with brilliant translations and awesome dubbing.

We are Local Heroes. An independent localization company for world class local game translation and dubbing services for
Brazilian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish... and more.
We translate, we dub, we use Oxford commas, and we kick ass.
Simply put: we make our clients' games accessible and at least as enjoyable in languages other than the original!
We've been doing this since 1997 as U-TRAX, and as of 2014 under our Local Heroes disguise!

How we localize games and kick ass while doing it.

Clients send us jobs any way they want and tell us in what language to send it back. We then process the text using our magical tools and light up the Local Heroes signal. Now we assemble the best and brightest in our network of talented linguists to begin translating the job. We send it back and get the clients any form of aftercare they might need.

Of course, for dubbing we'll also add one of our top-notch studios into the mix, flying in a dedicated audio wizard where necessary to make sure the game will sound absolutely perfect. All the while keeping clients in the loop to make sure it will all snugly fit together.

We work with a variety of software, including CAT tools, professional audio applications, a number of cunning home-brew productivity tools, and a standardised office workflow. Clients send us whatever they want localized in whatever format and we'll get it back to them in proper form. Easy as stroopwafels.

And now... Over twenty-five years of kick-ass localization! We wanted to thank all our clients, partners, and friends! You all kick some serious ass!

The Magic of Locals

Together with our partners and freelancers, we form a top-notch worldwide localization network. We provide our clients with high quality translations with specific local flair.

Let's play it cool

We'll translate, edit, review, and get it all done in time. Mission impossible? That's just in a day's work for Local Heroes!

Welcome to Fort Kick-Ass

We work hard and we play hard. The heroes get things done but we like to keep things flowing smoothly with friendly smiles and laugh-out-loud fun!

Our Work

Here's a sampling of games we downright love. If you want to know which other localized games we care deeply about,
click the button below the game logos! Want to know the nitty-gritty behind our picks? Drop us a line!

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FR · JA · KO · PL · RU · ZH-CHS · ZH-CHT




5 Years of Local Heroes!

Five years of kick-ass localization! We wanted to thank all our clients, partners and friends
for making these first five years such a great success, by organizing an epic party.
And so we did on 28 June 2019, in our backyard in Utrecht, NL!
Here's an awesome compilation of pics snapped at our funtastic party.

Who are the heroes?

Curious about who's a hero?
Want to see the faces behind those two-letter email codes?
Interested in our deepest secrets?
Wonder no more and dive into our database of heroes!

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You can (occasionally) find us in meatspace/your current reality at the location below. We're primarily working from home though.
But instead of communicating the old-fashioned way feel free to send us an e-mail by clicking the button underneath:

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